Thursday, 5 February 2015

26 letters
near infinite
making millions
of words with which
to communicate with    one    and    another

i cannot find
the words at all
with which to say
what needs to be said

i recently read
about an artist who
uses 90 percent of his working time
marketing and networking and schmoozing
and only 10 percent of his working time making

which makes me wonder if this is what it has come to

as you
can tell
from my
blog entry's
marketing is not
a grand pre-occupation
nor is networking or schmoozing

schmoozing is such a great word and so similar to snoozing

i am not
snoozing i mean schmoozing
i am making                                  paintings

this coming month i will be participating
in a group show at gn Gallery in Oakville
more information regarding this to be posted soon

as some
new images
of recent work

in the very
near future
a solo show
details to be
posted soon

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